Monday, January 15, 2007

National Geographic Subscription

National Geographic Magazine
Nation Geographic

This is another gift that most men would not normally buy on their own. And, contrary to Maxim and other "men's" magazines, this publication looks really impressive sitting on a coffee table. I recommend.

Knob Creek Will Make Him Happy

Knob Creek Bourbon
Knob Creek

For the cost, this is a really great bourbon. If you know a guy who like to have a drink once and again, this would be an excellent choice.

iPhone: An AWESOME Gift

Apple iPhone
$499- $599

Do I really need to say anything? iPod + SmartPhone. Apple is so awesome that I think that just about anyone would love this as a gift. But, be careful because there is a contract involved.

Pique Polo

Long-sleeve original-fit repp pique polo
J. Crew

This is something that looks great, but I don't think many guys would get on their own. It is so easy to buy polos and long-sleeved shirts. This is bound to be something different and fashionable. Plus, only $44.50.

Little Helicopter

Palmsize Micro Copter

Despite what you may be thinking, this is a really awesome gift. Honestly, this thing flies around. For my 39 bucks, it does not get much better than this:
We won't kid you. Flying this mini copter takes some of those twitchy video game skillz you've been perfecting on FPS shooters. But once you get the knack of it you won't be able to stop zooming it around your home or office. Unlike a traditional R/C helicopter, the Palmsize Micro Copter is always moving forward. You control the hover height and right or left turns. By a slight twist of the tail before takeoff you can adjust how quickly the copter moves forward. It can go at a pretty good clip if desired, so practice up if you expect to challenge the expert pilots at the ThinkGeek office.